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This template is used to create the tables on Data values.


Unnamed paremeters
  • {{{1}}}: The name of the block, defaults to "unused". A suffix can be added using parentheses after the name.
  • {{{2}}}: Optional notes. Type the letter(s) corresponding to the note(s) you want to add it.
    • I: Has a separate ID as an inventory item.
    • D: Use the item's Damage field to define its durability.
    • S: Requires additional data from the saved game's Data array to fully define the block.
    • B: Requires additional data in the item's Damage field to fully define the inventory item.
    • E: Requires a block entity to store additional data.
  • {{{3}}}: Optional prefix
Named parameters
  • {{{obtain}}}: Limitations on obtaining. Defaults to any. Values include:
    • give: Only available using /give.
    • none: Cannot be obtained no matter what. May be placed using /setblock.
    • creative: Available in creative mode by item list.
    • pick block: Available in creative mode by block picking.
    • trading: Can be obtained by trading with villagers or in creative mode.
    • enchantments: Only available by having enchanted tools or in creative mode.
    • enchantments only: Only available by having enchanted tools or via use of /give, but unobtainable in the creative mode menu.
  • {{{icon}}}: Name of the icon, excluding the .png. If {{{sprite}}} is set, then the name of the sprite. Defaults to {{{1}}}.
  • {{{iconsize}}}: Size of the icon, defaults to 25px.
  • {{{nameid}}}: Change the nameid to something other than {{{1}}}.
  • {{{link}}}: Link to a different article than {{{1}}}.
  • {{{section}}}: Set the section in data values to something other than {{{1}}}.
Table parameters
  • {{{dv}}}: Sets the data value. Defaults to the previous plus 1.
  • {{{sprite}}}: If set, the icon uses the sprite template listed instead of a file. Setting it causes all later templates to use the same option. To reset to use a files, set it to be empty.
  • {{{table}}}: Sets the header title for the template and all following uses. Defaults to Blocks.
  • {{{namecolumn}}}: If set to 0 then all following uses of the template will have no name column. To use the name column again later simply set it back to 1.
  • {{{foot}}}: If set, then it adds the foot to the table.


{{dv table|Air|icon=none|obtain=none}}
{{dv table|Stone|SB}}
{{dv table|Grass Block|nameid=grass|icon=Grass.png}}
{{dv table|Dirt|SB}}
{{dv table|Cobblestone}}
{{dv table|Wood Planks|SB|icon=Wooden Plank.png}}
{{dv table|Sapling|SB}}
{{dv table|Bedrock|obtain=creative}}
{{dv table|Water|S|section=Water and Lava|nameid=flowing_water|obtain=give}}
{{dv table|Water|S|Stationary|section=Water and Lava|obtain=give}}
{{dv table|Lava|S|section=Water and Lava|nameid=flowing_water|obtain=give}}
{{dv table|Lava (stationary)|S|section=Water and Lava|obtain=give}}
{{dv table|Sand|SB}}
{{dv table|Gravel}}
{{dv table|Gold Ore}}
{{dv table|Iron Ore|foot=1}}
Icono Dec. Hex. Nombre Bloque
0 0 minecraft:air Air
Piedra.png 1 1 minecraft:stone Stone S B
Grass.png 2 2 minecraft:grass Grass Block
Tierra.png 3 3 minecraft:dirt Dirt S B
Cobblestone.png 4 4 minecraft:cobblestone Cobblestone
Wooden Plank.png 5 5 minecraft:wood_planks Wood Planks S B
Sapling.png 6 6 minecraft:sapling Sapling S B
Bedrock.png 7 7 minecraft:bedrock Bedrock
Water.png 8 8 minecraft:flowing_water Water S
Water.png 9 9 minecraft:water Stationary Water S
Lava.png 10 A minecraft:flowing_water Lava S
Lava.png 11 B minecraft:lava Lava (stationary) S
Arena.png 12 C minecraft:sand Sand S B
Gravel.png 13 D minecraft:gravel Gravel
25px 14 E minecraft:gold_ore Gold Ore
25px 15 F minecraft:iron_ore Iron Ore

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