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Esta plantilla usa Módulo:Elaboración, un script escrito en el lenguaje de programación Lua. Para aprender más sobre Lua véase wp:Lua y mw:Extension:Scribunto.

Using this template, you can create tables like those commonly used in the “Brewing ingredient” sections of articles about blocks and items. It can be used similarly to {{Grid/Brewing Stand}}, except it creates the table for you.

By default, the table generates with 3 columns: Name, Ingredients, and the main column containing {{Grid/Brewing Stand}}. You can set the parameter {{{showname=1}}} or {{{showname=0}}} in the first template of the table to show or hide the Name column. To group multiple crafting templates into one table, you also need to set {{{head=1}}} in the first template of the table, and {{{foot=1}}} in the last.

The parameter {{{base=}}} can be set to change the base potion listing. It defaults to Awkward Potion.

The parameter {{{showbase=1}}} can be set to show the base potion in the potion slot instead of the output.

Example usage:

  |Ghast Tear
  |Potion of Regeneration
  |name=Splash [[Potions]]
  |ingredients=[[Gunpowder]] +<br>Any [[Potion]]
  |Splash Potion of Regeneration;Splash Potion of Fire Resistance;Splash Potion of Strength
  |name=Increases Duration
  |base=Potion of Regeneration
  |Potion of Water Breathing


Name Ingredients Brewing recipe
Potion of Regeneration Ghast Tear +
Awkward Potion

Ghast Tear

Potion of Regeneration
Splash Potions Gunpowder +
Any Potion


Splash Potion of RegenerationSplash Potion of Fire ResistanceSplash Potion of Strength
Increases Duration Redstone +
Potion of Regeneration


Potion of Regeneration
Potion of Water Breathing
Redstone +
Awkward Potion