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Esta plantilla utiliza el Módulo:Breaking row, un script escrito en Lua.

This template is used to create a table for the time it takes to mine blocks. The main function is designed for use on Breaking.

Basic usage


First column
  • {{{1}}}: Block name.
  • {{{link}}}: Set the link, defaults to {{{1}}}
  • {{{sprite}}}: Sets the sprite ID, defaults to {{{1}}}
  • {{{item}}}: If set, the row uses {{itemSprite}} instead of a {{blockSprite}}.
  • {{{note}}}: Used to add a note after the title, usually using <ref>
  • {{{textTrim}}}: Trims off the stated text from the end of the title. Designed for use with the horizontal function.
Breaking columns
  • {{{2}}}: Proper tool. It can be set to Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, None, or Any (default).
  • {{{3}}}: Minimum grade of tool required. It can be set to Wooden, Stone, Iron, Diamond, or Any (default). Will determine breaking times and when the background turns red.
  • {{{drop}}}:
    • If set to 0, it changes the background for the columns that should drop to yellow, signifying it does not drop but is the proper tool.
    • If set to 1, the columns will not turn red when below the tool grade. Used because the Education Edition has blocks that calculate times as if a pickaxe is required (including the no pickaxe penalty), but still drop when broken by hand.
  • {{{shears}}}: Sets the shears column. If set to 0, it changes the background for the main columns to yellow, signifying it does not drop.
  • {{{sword}}}: Sets the sword column. If set to 0, it changes the background for the main columns to yellow, signifying it does not drop.
Table parameters
  • {{{foot}}}: If set, adds the footer. If set to 2, it adds the header columns at the bottom as well.
  • {{{sort}}}: If set, the table will be sortable.
  • {{{hidetool}}}: If set, the main tool column will be removed.
  • {{{hideshears}}}: If set, the shears column will be removed.
  • {{{hidesword}}}: If set, the sword column will be removed.

Multiple names

The parameter {{{1}}} can be a comma separated list to display multiple block names. The first name will be used for the hardness value.

{{{link}}}, {{{sprite}}}, and {{{item}}} will perform their function on all names in the row if set, unless set to a comma separated list, in which case each part corresponds to the same part of the name, with a part containing only white space setting the name to use the value from {{{1}}}


The table supports two alternate modes.


If {{{simple}}} is set, the table will not show the "Hardness", "Tool", "Shears", or "Sword" columns. {{{2}}} will also take the function previously done by {{{3}}}.

This mode is designed to be used on tool articles, such as Pickaxe, where the available tool is already stated.


If {{{horizontal}}} is set, the table will rotate, displaying columns of individual blocks instead of rows. In this mode, the entire table is built using a single call of the template. Individual columns are specified using a semi-colon separated list within the parameters. If the corresponding part of the parameter is only white space, the parameter will use the default value.

When using this mode, the parameters {{{foot}}} and {{{sort}}} have no function, and all parameters that previously affected a column will now affect a row.

This mode is designed for displaying a table on block articles, such as Stone.

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