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Using this template, you can create tables like those commonly used in the “Achievements” section of articles. It can be used similarly to {{Achievement}}, except it creates the table for you.

To use this template, replace the note after each | with what is specified.

 |title=Name of achievement
 |Put name of the achievement icon here, for a direct file, use {{{icon}}}
 |Word-for-word ingame description
 |Achievements needed directly before this one, defaults to "None"
 |If the ingame description is not obvious, explain here
 |Is it exclusive to any version? defaults to "None"
 |Xbox points earned (usually 10G), defaults to "N/A"
 |PS trophy type, defaults to "N/A"
 |PC Internal ID, defaults to "N/A", only shows if the parameter {{{id=1}}} is set in the first table of the group

To group multiple achievements templates into one table, you also need to set {{{head=1}}} in the first template of the table, and {{{foot=1}}} in the last.

Displaying a custom icon can be accomplished by simply setting the {{{icon}}} parameter to the filename of the icon (excluding the .png).

The argument {{{dtitle}}} places a custom display title over the original title. It should only be used to add links, pictures, or to differentiate punctuation from achievements in the same article (needed for {{load achievements}}). The text [t] is replaced with {{{title}}}.

Using the pipe character ¦ after the parameter makes a second cell below. If cannot be used on {{{1}}}. If used on {{{dtitle}}}, the parts of the display title correspond to the parts of the title when using [t].


 |title=Taking Inventory
 |Press '[defaults to E]' to open your inventory.
 |Open your inventory. The description will match the configured inventory key.


IconoLogroDescripción en el juegoRequisitos previosCómo conseguirloRestricciones de versiónPuntos de XboxTipo de trofeo (PS)
Grid Libro.png
Taking InventoryPress '[defaults to E]' to open your inventory.NoneOpen your inventory. The description will match the configured inventory key.None10GBronze

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