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MINECON (llamada inicialmente MinecraftCon y a veces capitalizado como MineCon) es una convención de Minecraft anual, patrocinada por Mojang AB. La primera fue en 2010, en el estado de Washington. En 2011 se celebró la segunda el 18 de noviembre en Las Vegas como motivo de Minecraft 1.0. MineCon 2012 se celebró en Disneyland París los días 24 y 25 de noviembre.[1] MineCon 2013 se celebró en Orlando, Florida los días 2 y 3 de noviembre. MineCon 2015 se celebró en Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido) los días 4 y 5 de julio. MINECON 2016 se celebró en Anaheim, California, Estados Unidos los días 24 y 25 de septiembre.

En 2017, MINECON fue renombrado MINECON Earth. MINECON Earth 2017 y 2018 son transmisiones en vivo en línea. La sitio de web oficial de la MINECON es https://minecraft.net/minecon/.

2010[editar | editar código]

MinecraftCon[editar | editar código]

Logo de la MinecraftCon 2010
Otro logotipo de la MinecraftCon 2010
Notch con sus fanes en la MinecraftCon 2010.

MinecraftCon 2010 was a spontaneous gathering of Minecraft fans on August 31, 2010 in Bellevue, Washington. It was conceived by Notch after expressing in a blog post[2] several requests for a meet-up by players and had called on the community to organize one with no specific choice of venue. While Notch had labeled it "Minecraftcon 2010", it is a bit of a misnomer as it implies a formal convention not unlike that of a typical gaming or anime convention. This thread on the Minecraft Forums was an unofficial organization point for the Convention, complete with YouTube videos and pictures afterwards.

More than fifty people had turned up at the gathering, including one in a full body creeper costume,[3] in which Notch took a cautious interest.

MineCon[editar | editar código]

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Archivo:MineCon 2010 Photo.png
Notch con sus fans en la MineCon 2010.

MineCon 2010 fue una reunión de fans de Minecraft en un servidor de Minecraft clásico.[4] En este hilo de Minecraft Forums se llevó a cabo la organización no oficial para la MineCon. Se realizó un torneo de spleef, una competición de construcción y una carrera de obstáculos. (There was also initially going to be a griefing competition, but it was cancelled.) There was also a signature wall that 167 people signed, including Notch. Notch also confirmed Herobrine would be in the game, probably in a Seecret Friday update. But that has never happened and has decided against it ever since.[5]

2011[editar | editar código]

Logo de la MineCon 2011
Captura del tráiler de la MineCon 2011

MineCon 2011 se celebró en Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada on November 18, 2011, coinciding with the official release of the game.[6]

MineCon featured many exciting events, including the official release of Minecraft, keynote speeches from members of the Minecraft community (including one from Notch), building contests, breakout classes with different Minecraft topics, costume contests, exhibits, meeting worldwide Minecraft personalities and commemorative merchandise.

There were 4,500 attendees at MineCon 2011, aging from new borns to 105 year olds and coming from 24 countries. Events included the Kickoff party, which everybody was invited to, and the Into the Nether party, featuring Deadmau5, where only attendees 21 years and over were allowed into.

Entradas[editar | editar código]

Tickets went on sale on the 11th of August 2011, 99 days before the start of the conference on 18 November. The early-bird price was $99, which ran until September 30. After that, the price (including the price at the gate) became $139. However, as of October 28, the tickets were all sold out.[7] The price did not include hotel rooms, flights or any other costs involved apart from entry to MineCon.

The first 500 ticket purchasers were entered into the drawing to receive "The Ultimate Fan Experience". The winner won a paid-for hotel room at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, VIP seating to keynotes and presentations, and a meal with the Mojang team. The draw was won by a player named Joseph.[8]

Capa[editar | editar código]

Notch announced that those attending MineCon 2011 would receive an exclusive MineCon 2011 cape. He quickly removed the announcement and said it was supposed to be a secret. On September 27, a new photo of the official cape was released along more information on who would be attending the convention.[9] The cape was given to all attendees on October 10–11.

Vídeos[editar | editar código]

Tráiler de la MineCon 2011.

MineCon 2011 Keynote

2012[editar | editar código]

Archivo:Minecon2012 stage.JPG
The stage where the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as certain panels, were held.

MineCon 2012 se celebró en Disneyland Paris los días 24 y 25 de noviembre. The convention was attended by 4,500 people - approximately the same amount as the previous year. The Redstone Update was announced by the core Minecraft development team in a keynote held there. The entirety of the convention was officially live streamed by GameSpot, who later uploaded some of the content to their YouTube channel.[10][11]
Official Tumblr http://mineconparis.tumblr.com/.

Archivo:Edith Piaf-Autumn Leaves.ogg The song that was embedded in the 2012 site.

Anuncio[editar | editar código]

On April 9, 2012, Lydia Winters confirmed that MineCon 2012 would occur in Europe. She also announced that details would become clear in the coming weeks.[1] On July 18, 2012 she posted on the Mojang website that in the following week a video would go up saying where MineCon 2012 would be.[12] On August 2, 2012, Mojang officially announced through a promotional video on YouTube that MineCon 2012 would be held in Disneyland Paris from November 24 - 25th.[1] On August 23, 2012 the official MineCon site was updated to reflect 2012's convention. Ticket sales and hotel registration opened on September 14, 2012 with tickets quickly being sold out soon after release.

Capa[editar | editar código]

As with the previous year, attendees of MineCon 2012 received an exclusive cape. On October 8, 2012, it was confirmed by Junkboy that the cape design for MineCon 2012 was finished and they were taking about 2 weeks to implement a button to turn it on and off.[13] On November 1, Mollstam tweeted that the cape will be available when they finish the cape selection system.[14] As such, minecraft.net now offers the ability for users who attended both conventions to switch between their 2011 and 2012 capes.

On November 16, it was confirmed by Mollstam that the MineCon 2012 cape would be distributed when the convention began. He said that "they are pretty and blue".[15] When the convention began, the cape was revealed to be one of the unused capes from MineCon 2011 that users could have voted for.

Vídeos[editar | editar código]

Vídeo promocional

A trailer documenting most of the changes from 1.0 to 1.4 were documented in this video, first shown at the start of the Minecon 2012 Opening Ceremony. Trailer made by Hat Films, who have made update trailers for Mojang in the past.

The Minecon 2012 Opening Ceremony filmed by GameSpot.

2013[editar | editar código]

Archivo:MineCon 2013 Channel art.png
MineCon 2013 Channel art

MineCon 2013 en Orlando, Florida los días 2 y 3 de noviembre.
Tumblr oficial http://mineconorlando.tumblr.com/. Archivo:One.ogg La canción "One" de la BSO de C418 del documental La historia de Mojang sonaba en la web de 2013.

Anuncio[editar | editar código]

MINECON will be in the US this year. Sorry dear Brits. I'm not coming to scout locations!

~ Lydia Winters on MineCon 2013[16]

[...]It's gonna be on the US east coast

~ Jens Bergensten on MineCon 2013[17]

I know "east coast" is very unprecise, but it will be announced in a few weeks. As far as I know, the contract with the location has been signed, so it's mainly a question of people getting back from business trips... ETA for announcement should be end of May. Tickets will be available later (probably after summer, but I could be wrong).

~ Jens Bergensten on MineCon 2013[18]

Mojang revealed on June 27 that MineCon 2013 would be held in Orlando, Florida from November 2–3.[19] It was also said that tickets/hotel deals would later be available for sale in July.

After a lot of mystery, it was officially confirmed by Mojang that MineCon 2013 would be hosted in the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC).[20] At one point, it was listed on the OCCC's calendar of scheduled events. Due to popularity directed toward OCCC's website, MineCon was taken off the list for upcoming events. Some time after all the tickets where sold, Minecon was added to the OCCC Exhibitor On-line Services calendar[21] and the Show Banner Orders calendar.[22] Also a page for exhibiters to get electrical, lighting and other booth utilities was created.[23] There was a page on the OCCC website labeled "Untitled Document"[24] that appeared to be the info page of Minecon 2013 on the OCCC website, but trying to go to the page will redirect you to the 404ed page.[25]

Ubicación[editar | editar código]

Orlando, Florida
Location of Orange County Convention Center: 9990 International Drive, Orlando, FL.[26]
Location within the OCCC for MineCon 2013 is the West Building, WA3- WB1[24]

Restricción de edad[editar | editar código]

Al principio, Mojang planeaba establecer una restricción de edad de mínimo 17 años; las personas de 16 o menos deberían ir acompañadas de un adulto. Pero más tarde la establecieron en 14 (las personas de 13 o menos deberían ir acompañadas por un adulto). Por esta razón ofrecieron la posibilidad de devolver las entradas.[27]

Entradas[editar | editar código]

Early on July 31, Mojang confirmed that tickets would start going on sale later that day. These tickets were said to be released in batches of 3[28], each selling 2,500 tickets and at $150 a piece. (7,500 tickets in total).[27] This system was intended to give people who may have school, or a job a chance to get tickets. Also, Mojang announced that 7,500 tickets is the total number, no more, they weren't selling at-door tickets, and they didn't give away tickets to the press for free.[27] They also gave attendees discounted hotel bookings.[29]


Primero: 31 de julio a las 4:00 PM PDT y 7:00 EDT. (Sold out within 3 seconds)[30]

Segundo: 2 de agosto 7:00 AM PDT y 10:00 EDT.

Tercero: 3 de agosto 12:00 PM PDT y 3:00 EDT.

Capa[editar | editar código]

On September 5, Mojang posted that attendees who went to MineCon would receive a 2013 MineCon cape.[31] Further details regarding the capes were stated to be "released at a later date."

On October 29, Mojang stated that capes were sent as a redemption URL to the email address registered when the ticket was purchased. The capes were sent out through email with the message: "A popular part of going to MINECON is that you receive an in-game cape for your character to show everyone online that you were there." "This year's edition comes in jade green with a handsome piston fitted on the center back. Follow the link below and log in to minecraft.net (with your usual credentials) and it will automatically get added to your character." - Lydia Winters[cita requerida]

Polémica[editar | editar código]

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Mojang y su grupo de venta de entradas, Eventbrite, fueron muy polémicos por el método de venta y compra de las entradas durante este año. Los 3 lotes de entradas se agotaron rápidamente (el primero en apenas 3 segundos), lo que provocó que las webs se colapsasen, mostrando la solicitud como "Pendiente", mientras que no se realizaba la acción porque ya se habían agotado. Como consecuencia se publicaron muchos tuits quejándose con el hashtag "#MineCon" y se realizó una petición en Change.org.

Vídeo[editar | editar código]

Vídeo promocional

Vídeo de inicio

Primer día de retransmisión

Entrevista con Notch

Vídeo de la MineCon

Segundo día de retransmisión

2015[editar | editar código]

Archivo:MineCon 2015 release art.png
MineCon 2015 Announcement art
Archivo:MineCon 2015 artwork.jpg
Artwork de la MineCon 2015

MineCon 2015 will be held in London, England at the ExCeL London Exhibition and Conference Centre from July 4–5.[32]

Anuncio[editar | editar código]

On March 30, 2014, it had originally been announced that the next MineCon would take place somewhere in Europe. [...]It's in Europe this year... but maybe next year ;)

~ Lydia Winters on the next MineCon[33]

Since Mojang was busy developing the next Minecraft version, 1.8, news updates for the next MineCon were silently on hold.
Official announcements were never heard of until 5 months later, when the predicted date and location was announced on Mojang's site.
It was confirmed that MineCon won't be held in 2014, instead it was moved to Spring 2015, and will be held in London.[34]

Mojang revealed on February 2nd the details for MineCon 2015, confirming that MineCon would be held in ExCel London Exhibition and Conference Centre on July 4–5, 2015.[35] They also mentioned that tickets and discounted hotel bookings would be available for sale later in February.

On March 18, 2015 the Minecon Website was updated to contain a countdown till tickets went on sale. The ExCeL London page was also published.

Ubicación[editar | editar código]

Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
En el centro de exhibiciones y conferencias de Londres ExCeL: Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL, Reino Unido[36]
La ubicación de la MineCon 2015 dentro del ExCeL de Londres fueron las salas de eventos norte y sur, recomendándose la entrada oeste para su acceso.[37]

Entradas[editar | editar código]

El 18 de marzo de 2015, Mojang dijo que se pondrían a la venta las entradas para los días viernes y sábado, 27 y 28 de marzo, respectivamente.[38] Las entradas se vendieron en 2 lotes[39], cada venta fue de 5.000 entradas (10.000 en total), por el precio de £129 (libras, unidad monetaria de Reino Unido), equivalente a 180,73 € o 190 dólares americanos, la unidad.[38] Attendees were also given discounted hotel bookings.[40]


Primero: 27 de marzo, 11:00 AM PDT y 2:00 PM EDT (se vendieron todas 3 minutos[41]).

Segundo: 28 de marzo, 5:00 AM PDT y 8:00 EDT.

Guía[editar | editar código]

Este año la Minecon ha tenido un almanaque guía oficial por cortesía de Dinnerbone.[42]

Vídeo[editar | editar código]

Primer día de retransmisión

Segundo día de retransmisión

Galería[editar | editar código]

Referencias[editar | editar código]

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