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Fecha de lanzamiento

October 30, 2015

Snapshot de



Client (.json)

15w44b[1] was released to make various items available in survival and to fix bugs and crashes. The development team's aim had been to have the 1.9 release feature-complete by the end of October 2015, followed by a period of bug-fixing,[2] and this snapshot was the last snapshot before the end of October.

Additions[editar | editar código]

  • generic.luck, ranging from -1024 to 1024.
    • Used when processing loot tables along with the quality or bonus_rolls tag. Currently used for opening chests and chest minecarts, fishing, and player-killed mob drops.
Loot tables
  • Added bonus_rolls tag, to give additional rolls on a pool with good Luck (or to remove rolls with bad Luck).
Status effects
  • New status effects: Luck and Bad Luck.
    • Increases/Decreases the luck attribute by ±1 per level.
    • Has a clover icon for luck.
    • Has a withered clover for bad luck.
Uncraftable Potion
  • Has no effect, unknown use.
  • Cannot be obtained in survival.
  • Has tag Potion:"minecraft:empty".
Luck potion
  • Gives the Luck effect for 5 minutes.
  • Also comes in splash and lingering potion forms as well as for tipped arrows ("Arrow of Luck").
Tipped Arrows
  • Now exist for empty bottles, water bottles, mundane potions, thick potions and awkward potions.
    • None of them have any effects and are uncraftable since lingering potions of these kinds do not leave a cloud behind.

Changes[editar | editar código]

End Crystal
  • Can now be crafted using an eye of ender in the middle, a ghast tear on the bottom and 7 glass blocks on the remaining squares.
  • Are no longer dropped by undead horses.
End Rod
  • TippedArrow has been removed. Arrow is used instead.
Fire Charges
  • Once again shoot as blaze fireballs when ejected from a dispenser. (since 15w33c they had shot as ender dragon fireballs.)
  • Luck of the Sea and the new Luck effect affect fishing again, and effects stack. Each point increases the weight of treasure by 2, decreases the weight of fish by 1, and decreases the weight of junk by 2.
  • Rare drops from player kills on normal guardians are returned to what they were in 1.8, namely, they only include fish, and not fishing junk or fishing treasure.
Hay Bale
  • Falling onto a hay bale does only 20% of normal fall damage.
    • The highest the player can fall, and live, without armor, is 100.27 blocks
    • The highest the player can fall with feather falling is 169.19 blocks
  • Horses, donkeys, and mules drop 0–2 leather, affected by Looting, which is a return to pre-15w43a behavior.
  • Skeleton and zombie horses no longer drop end crystals; they again drop 1 bone or 1 rotten flesh, respectively.
Loot tables
  • Replaced luck_multiplier with quality.
    • Formula is now weight += quality * luck, formerly weight += weight * luck_multiplier * luck.
NBT tags
  • Entity: Arrow
    • Potion (string): Potion effect of the arrow
      • e.g. /summon Arrow ~ ~5 ~ {Potion:"minecraft:long_invisibility"}
    • CustomPotionEffects (list): List of custom potion effects.
      • e.g. /summon Arrow ~ ~5 ~ {CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:1,Duration:100}]}
  • Entity: AreaEffectCloud
    • Potion (string): Potion effect of the AreaEffectCloud.
      • e.g. /summon AreaEffectCloud ~ ~5 ~ {Potion:"minecraft:long_invisibility"}
  • Removed many unused base potions from the game.
Tipped Arrow
  • Can now be obtained in survival.
    • Splashing down a lingering potion first, then shooting regular arrows through that cloud will give you a tipped arrow back.
  • For effects with duration, the duration is 18 that of the corresponding potion.

Fixes[editar | editar código]

93 errores solucionados
Desde las versiones publicadas antes de la 1.9
  • MC-119 – Mobs visually sinking through solid blocks.
  • MC-881 – Boat inflicts fall damage if it runs aground in some fashion (Slabs, Mobs, Soul Sand)
  • MC-1003 – Stairs in Desert Temple are not facing the right way.
  • MC-1349 – While riding a pig, horse or minecart and using F5, the hand of your character is misplaced.
  • MC-3004 – Can walk through piston arm if piston placed facing east (f = 3)
  • MC-8522 – Pushing a button makes the button side textures look wrong.
  • MC-12823 – Powered Redstone Lamp Transparent
  • MC-13844 – When player is "holding" the Leash it doesn't Connect with him.
  • MC-25876 – Logs with damage values have wrong name
  • MC-34074 – Use enderpearl to get past 29999999.7 blocks.
  • MC-58405 – Cauldron bottom model rendering glitch.
  • MC-61474 – Hoppers/droppers put multiple empty buckets into furnace, they then get replaced by one water bucket when smelting wet sponge.
  • MC-64804 – Minecraft crashing when walking into the Farlands void.
  • MC-64900 – Players cannot push stacked mobs
  • MC-64964 – Boats break on soul sand.
  • MC-79820 – Player can obtain item with count 0.
  • MC-84774 – Cobblestone wall fence gate facing south has different texture mapping (uvlock tag issue).
  • MC-85027 – Villager selling null crashes clients.
  • MC-85317 – Silverfish With Weakness and Attack Damage Set to 0 Still Deal Damage
  • MC-85988 – Cannot /clear Written Book
  • MC-87454 – Mobs summoned with ActiveEffects do not get the potion effects unless they are splashed with a thrown potion of that effect
  • MC-87533 – "stat.useItem.minecraft.shears" stat doesn't work
  • MC-88665 – Can't ride a "MinecartRideable riding a MinecartChest"
  • MC-91897HurtTime not ran on wolves.
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-46401 – Spectator mode frozen entities and vision overlay.
  • MC-64117 – Extreme overloaded worlds cause problems / openening a world two times or more.
  • MC-70190F3 and T leaves you in chat mode
Desde las versiones de desarrollo de la 1.9
  • MC-82864 – Items floating in both hand.
  • MC-82969 – Corrupt pack.mcmeta causes crash.
  • MC-82983 – Ender Dragon Staying Still when out of render distance.
  • MC-83001 – Two Ender Dragons?
  • MC-83030 – When shulker dies, no death particles are given off upon death.
  • MC-83045 – EnderDragon Breath does no damage.
  • MC-83252 – No sound while having item in dominant hand and hitting grass with sword.
  • MC-83333 – Shulker projectiles have some issues with water.
  • MC-83413 – Water causes graphics bug on Shulkers.
  • MC-83566 – levitating and hitting a ceiling glitchy.
  • MC-83639 – Dragon doesnt fly at you when at height.
  • MC-83703 – Ender Pearl isn't infinity in Creative Mode (Bug).
  • MC-83726 – Duel Weilding Sword Glitch.
  • MC-83732 – Using Pick-Block on Any Potion Tipped Arrow, a Water Bottle Arrow is Given.
  • MC-83756 – Reeling Fishing Rod Doesn't Count as Right Click Action.
  • MC-84224 – Shift does not work with the off-hand slot.
  • MC-84245 – The ender dragon fight has a "safe spot" exploit when he shoots his acid.
  • MC-84311 – EnderDragon DeathLight is too Much
  • MC-84336 – Enderpearls disappear in creative mode.
  • MC-84347 – Placing a block from your off hand retracts the fishing line.
  • MC-84582 – Chorus plants do not make sound when water breaks them.
  • MC-84593 – Fire charges shot out of dispensers are dragon fireballs.
  • MC-84905 – Shulker Projectile and Vision Bug
  • MC-84969 – You can fill a water bottle and an empty bucket simultaneously
  • MC-85066 – Burning Mobs
  • MC-85154 – Endermen go back to neutral after being hit by player.
  • MC-85189 – Shulker radius doesn't apply when on top of them
  • MC-85569 – End city despawned after relog
  • MC-85723 – Unbreakable with Data Values.
  • MC-85951 – Ender Dragon respawning works even if there is an existing dragon.
  • MC-86091 – Lingering Potion Disappears in Spectator Mode
  • MC-86128 – Getting hit with an arrow while blocking a shield still adds an arrow to the target
  • MC-86371 – Eating item in main hand while holding edible food in off hand.
  • MC-86416 – Zombies don't try to follow and attack players when players are in water
  • MC-86719 – ender dragon is not interasted in player
  • MC-86721 – Spectating someone while they eat/block with a shield crashes the game.
  • MC-86745 – when you use the Repeating Command Blocks and close your world and and open you world the it stops
  • MC-86817 – <code<Tellraw doesn't respect command-block chain order
  • MC-86954 – Nameplate displacement on ArmorStands
  • MC-87007 – Client disconnects from the server as a result of IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • MC-87021 – Spawnpoint does not function with specific coordinates
  • MC-87118 – Chunks disappear after reload after using clone in a repeat command block
  • MC-87147 – Hoppers can't remove empty bottles left in brewing stands by Dragon's Breath.
  • MC-87215 – Pumpkin and melon vines disappear on logout/relog
  • MC-87459 – Spread players not working sometimes.
  • MC-87538 – cannot use right hand item with shield on
  • MC-87598 – Sleeping in a bed and teleporting to unloaded chunks
  • MC-87613 – Logmessage: "Unable to resolve BlockEntity for ItemInstance: minecraft:shield"
  • MC-87840 – Breeding 2 pigs consumes 3 food items
  • MC-87956 – If a spawner's delay is 0, right clicking with a spawn egg on it doesn't change the id.
  • MC-87974 – Quirky tool and weapon animations (attack strength feature)
  • MC-88376 – Staying under water doesn't drown the player
  • MC-88431 – Mobs stand still, won't burn or move
  • MC-88433 – Pressure plates didn't work until world reload
  • MC-88958 – Iron Golems can't fight back against the new skeletons
  • MC-89123 – Regular Stairs reconfigure when next to inverted stairs.
  • MC-89353 – End crystals don't respawn instantly after the explosions when respawning Ender Dragon.
  • MC-89924 – Rideable Animals (Horses, Pigs) Broken.
  • MC-89946 – Cannot control Minecarts.
  • MC-90115 – Boat Texture Bug
  • MC-91075 – Loot table entries with min count 0 create items with count 0 in container
  • MC-91281MinecartChest using abandoned_mineshaft.json loot table does not wait for chest to be opened.
Desde versiones de desarrollo previas
  • MC-91521 – Combining items in an anvil causes the item to disappear.
  • MC-91551 – Unable to respawn dragon in old worlds because of strict exit portal location check.
  • MC-91581 – One ender crystal is not destroyed by the dragon spawning sequence.
  • MC-91624 – End crystal drops from normal horse.

References[editar | editar código]