Edición Java 1.3

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Fecha de lanzamiento

July 26, 2012[1]


Server (.exe)

Other instances
of 1.3

1.3-pre is the first pre-release for 1.3.1.

Changes[editar | editar código]

  • GUI
    • The block-breaking animation is now shown in F1 mode
  • TNT
    • TNT no longer does damage to players in peaceful difficulty
  • Superflat
    • Respawning in superflat is no longer random

Fixes[editar | editar código]

5 bugs fixed

  • Fixed a few misalignments and oddities in the item spritesheet and the creative mode's inventory's graphics.
  • Fixed a crash bug.
  • Fixed the chest armor slot being inaccessible in Creative mode's survival inventory tab.
  • Fixed rotated wooden logs mined using Silk Touch enchanted tools dropping as rotated wooden logs.
  • Fixed being unable to place half slabs in the small gaps between another half slab and the side of another block.

References[editar | editar código]