Características exclusivas de la Edición Bedrock

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Esta lista recoge las características exclusivas de la Pocket Edition.

Gráficos[editar | editar código]

  • Los gráficos son más vibrantes y suaves que en la edición de PC.
  • Las criaturas en llamas emiten partículas grandes con animaciones del fuego.
  • Las sombras de las entidades se mueven dependiendo de la posición del sol.
  • Al ponerse el sol las nubes se tornan rosas.
  • El agua tiene iluminación suave.
  • El agua en los biomas de pantano tiene un tono gris oscuro.
  • Solo algunas criaturas tienen animación de ataque.

Generación del mundo[editar | editar código]

  • Los biomas que excedan los 128 bloques de altura están redimensionados para que quepan.
Tipos de mapa Old
  • Un mundo finito, de 256×256.
  • Se genera con una barrera de borde del mundo.
  • Genera estructuras modernas.
Tipos de mundo Extraplano
  • No tiene villas y solo puede ser creado en creativo.
  • Un árbol tiene la chance de tener lianas que crecen alrededor del tronco, creando un "árbol muriendo".
    • Esto incluye a los árboles que crecen de saplings.
  • Arboles Caídos están presentes.
    • Están compuestos de un tronco tirado de lado, a veces con lianas y hongos, and a stump two blocks away in the direction the rings are facing.
    • You will occasionally find mushrooms on fallen trees.
Tierras lejanas
Artículo principal: Tierras lejanas#Pocket Edition
  • The infinite worlds generate Far Lands since X/Z: ±12,550,821, like prior to Beta 1.8 on PC.
    • However, the PE Far Lands generate different structures and biomes.
  • The Stripe Lands are mostly a graphical glitch, however this area has distorted physics:
    • Players next to water are teleported into the Void.
    • Starts to generate at X/Z: ±16,777,216 and continues until the game's limits.
Champiñones gigantes
  • Can be up to 13 blocks tall.
  • Will generate naturally in swamps.
Minas abandonadas
  • Will generate on the surface in mesa biomes.

Estructuras fabricadas[editar | editar código]

A completed Nether Reactor, ready to be activated.
  • A structure made of roca, bloques de oro and a Nether Reactor core.
  • Generates a huge infiedra "Nether Spire"
  • Spawns random items and zombie pigmen while active.

Bloques y objetos[editar | editar código]

  • Aparace naturalmente con distinta altura.
Grass Block
  • Tilling it with a hoe can produce seeds.
Grass Path
  • Created by tilling a grass block with a shovel.
  • Is 15/16th the height of a normal grass block.
  • Replaces gravel paths in villages.
  • When broken it gives you dirt instead of the grass path block.
  • Was placeholder for fire from
  • Takes longer to mine regardless of tool.
  • Tagged as .name in inventory
  • Obtained by harvesting fully grown beetroot seeds.
  • Recuperan 1 (Half Heart.png) de salud
Beetroot Soup
  • Crafted with a bowl and 6 beetroots
  • Restores 8 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png) health
Semillas de remolacha
  • Can only be obtained by tilling grass blocks.
    • It has a 1 in 15 chance to pop out.
  • Used to grow beetroots
Invisible Bedrock
  • Can act as an X-Ray machine
  • Projectiles can pass through it.
  • Leaves a shadow
  • Tagged as .name<
  • Looks like a sheet of piedra in inventory
Hojas de jungla
  • Opaque regardless of graphics settings
Nether Reactor Core
Glowing Obsidian
  • Only generates when the Nether Reactor is activated.
    • Upon activation, the blocks that make up the reactor turn into glowing obsidian, except for the core.
  • When the process ends, turns into regular obsidian.
  • Drops regular obsidian.
  • Used to craft most rock-type blocks.
  • Used to free room for the crafting table's recipes.
  • Crafted with 4 cobblestone in a 2×2 square.
Cocoa Beans
  • Cocoa beans can be crafted with an orange dye and an ink sac.
Sugar Canes
Pumpkins and melons
Armadura para caballo
  • Hay una versión exclusiva de cuero.
Spawn eggs
  • Se pueden generar caballos zombis, caballos esqueletos, burros, mulas, pusilánimes, errantes y esqueletos wither. (En Minecraft de PC tienes que ir a el bioma determinado donde se genera cada criatura para generar pusilánimes, esqueletos wither y errantes; pero el resto se deben generar con comandos)
Powered Rails
Monster Spawners
  • Are available in Creative mode.
  • Take slightly longer to mine than in PC.
Stone Bricks
Grassless Dirt
  • Data value 1 is the grassless dirt from 1.7.
  • Is affected by smooth lighting.
  • Water in swamps has a different color.
Mena de oro
  • Will generate at all Y levels in mesa biomes.
Pumpkin and melon seeds
  • Can be used to breed chickens.
  • Non-functional and uses the old texture.
  • Crafted using 5 wooden blocks and a wooden shovel.
  • Entity appearance varies on type of planks used.
  • Controlled by two paddles, and steered by pushing two buttons when in the boat.
  • Supports up to 2 passengers.
  • Fabrica una puerta de madera de roble sin importar la madera utilizada.

Criaturas[editar | editar código]

Criaturas pasivas[editar | editar código]

  • Can be bred with pumpkin and melon seeds.
  • Can be bred using beetroots or potatoes, as well as carrots.
  • Color around their faces and patches when sheared correspond to their wool color.
  • Spawns version exclusive baby squid. Produces a black cloud of "ink" when attacked.
  • Siguen al jugador al sostener una manzana dorada, bala de heno o trigo y no se pueden alimentar con una manzana dorada encantada.
  • A algunos no se les puede poner armadura.

Criaturas neutrales[editar | editar código]

  • Puppies can spawn naturally.

Criaturas hostiles[editar | editar código]

Hombrecerdo zombi
  • Son hostiles por naturaleza.
  • Cruzan los raíles.
  • No hace ruido.
Slime magmático
  • No se divide al morir.

Historial[editar | editar código]

Pre-releaseAdded cameras and cyan flowers.
?Added cold-en oak trees.
0.1.3Added the “Update Game Block" with 2 variations saying “update!" and “ate!upd".
0.3.3Removed fire due to spreading issues. It is replaced by .name.
0.5.0Added the Nether Reactor, and Nether Reactor Core and glowing obsidian as a part of it.
0.6.0Added the Stonecutter. is no longer obtainable without hacks, due to fire being reimplemented.
0.7.3Breaking glowing obsidian now requires a diamond pickaxe. no longer breaks quickly.
0.8.0Added beetroots, beetroot seeds and beetroot soup.
The “ate!upd" block now says “update!" correctly.
Glowing obsidian no longer has red outline in hotbar.
.name now breaks quickly. now takes long to mine, like in 0.7.5.
0.9.0Removed the camera entity, the cyan flower and the cold-en oak tree.
Original map type now generates modern terrain, and is now a separate world type.
Added dying and fallen trees.
Added carpet tables and wooden bridges in villages. now breaks instantly. no longer breaks instantly.
0.10.0Mineshafts now spawn at the surface in mesas.
Gold ore can generate at any level in mesa biomes.
Smooth lighting on agua.
New swamp water color.
Huge mushrooms now spawn in swamps.
Added dust particles for falling grava y arena.
0.11.0Se han añadido los calamares bebé.
Ahora los calamares sueltan una nube de tinta al sufrir un ataque.
Boats can support up to 2 passengers.
Boats are crafted using 5 wooden planks and a shovel.
Boats are controlled using paddles, by pressing buttons on either sides of the screen.
The boat's appearance varies on the type of planks used.
Added grass paths, which are created by tilling a grass block with a shovel.
Grass paths replace the gravel paths in villages.