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Un mundo amplificado

Amplificado, estilizado en mayúsculas: AMPLIFICADO, es un tipo de mundo que cuenta con columnas y montañas gigantes. Para ejecutar este tipo de mundos se recomienda tener un ordenador potente, porque necesitará bastante energía a la hora de generarlo. Es particularmente difícil sobrevivir, ya que puedes caer de un barranco y morir debido a la altura. Algunos biomas, como el de océano, no sufren cambios.

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Historial[editar | editar código]

Lanzamiento oficial
1.7.213w36aSe ha añadido el tipo de mundo AMPLIFICADO.

Problemas[editar | editar código]

Los problemas relacionados con "amplificado" se mantienen en el rastreador de problemas. Informar (en inglés) en esta página sobre los errores que se encuentran.

Curiosidades[editar | editar código]

  • This world generation can generate several floating islands, similar to Skylands
  • It is recommended that you have a powerful computer to play amplified as it uses a good chunk of RAM. Amplified can however still be used on computers with low RAM as well, but lagging and long loadingtime can be a problem.
  • AMPLIFIED was actually created by accident - Jeb was fiddling around with the terrain and accidentally made the generation take up the entire world height. Notch saw what Jeb had done and convinced him to keep it as a world type.[1]
  • Despite villages needing flat ground to generate, they still spawn in this world type regardless of how flat the ground is, causing the villages to spawn in abstract ways.
  • Blocky cuboid features and flat surfaces can generate naturally, sometimes due to the world height limit.
  • The savanna M biome in Default has a landscape similar to Amplified.
  • Swamp and ocean biomes, as well as their variants, generate normally.
  • Ravines can reach down to the bedrock layer. Caves, which are less common than in Default, also tend to reach bedrock level.
  • The Nether and the End generate normally.
  • Survival can be very difficult due to the tall mountains and incredibly steep cliffs.
  • Some structures, such as huge mushrooms, can be found in any biome.

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