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Fecha de

September 30, 2015

Snapshot para



Client (.json)

Otras ediciones de 15w40a
Disambig color.svg Este artículo trata sobre la edición para computer. Para otras ediciones, véase Historial de versiones (desambiguación).

15w40a is the twenty-ninth snapshot released for 1.9.[1]

Changes[editar | editar código]

  • Changes to mob pathfinding.
    • Mobs now avoid cacti and fire.
    • Passive mobs following a player holding food will now go around water, if possible.
  • Entities panicking and on fire will preferentially run towards water within ±5 blocks horizontally and ±4 blocks vertically, even if they can't actually reach it.
  • Shulkers
    • No longer attack in peaceful difficulty.
      • Shulker bullets despawn in peaceful, but not shulkers themselves.
  • Health regenerates 1 (Half Heart.png) every half-second instead of 1 (Half Heart.png) every 4 seconds, when saturation is not empty.
    • Regenerating health increases exhaustion by 4 points rather than 3.

Fixes[editar | editar código]

6 errores solucionados
Desde las versiones publicadas antes de la 1.9
  • MC-68403 – Entities become invisible after death & respawn
Desde las versiones de desarrollo de la 1.9
  • MC-84537 – Signed written book doesn't open when in off hand
  • MC-86946 – Pick block in survival on items that are not on the hotbar causes client/server desync
  • MC-88847 – Upside-down stairs are messed up.
  • MC-89602 – Minecart chests spewing out items
Desde versiones de desarrollo previas
  • MC-89593 – The Void required for Adventuring Time

References[editar | editar código]