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August 14, 2015

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Client (.json)

Otras ediciones de 15w33c
Disambig color.svg Este artículo trata sobre la edición para computer. Para otras ediciones, véase Historial de versiones (desambiguación).

15w33c[1] was released to fix some bugs and crashes from 15w33a and 15w33b, along with adding and changing some features.

Additions[editar | editar código]

  • New tool used for blocking incoming attacks.
    • Holding right click while being attacked reduces damage on the player and the durability of the shield.
      • This works when the shield is either in the main hand or in the offhand.
        • The player can hold 2 shields at once, but it does not affect the damage taken.
  • Can be combined with banners of the same base color to transfer its pattern.
    • This does not consume the banner.
  • The player cannot attack while blocking.
  • Crafting recipe: One column of wool (of the same color), one column of planks (any kind), an iron ingot in the middle of the last column.
  • Can only be repaired on the anvil.
  • Cannot be enchanted on the enchanting table, but can have Unbreaking added via an enchanted book.

Changes[editar | editar código]

Ender dragon
Brewing stands
End Ships
  • No longer generate with a pumpkin.
  • The middle iron block has been replaced with a hopper.
    • Inside, there is a book written by Searge.
      • It reads: "We will have something else here soon..."
Ender crystals
  • New BeamTarget tag for ender crystals.
    • Used to specify a custom target for the beam.
    • Example: /summon EnderCrystal ~ ~1 ~ {BeamTarget:{X:1,Y:2,Z:3}}
Fire charges
  • Now shoot as ender dragon fireballs when ejected from a dispenser, appearing purple and casting dragon's breath.
    • Before this, they had shot as blaze fireballs.
    • This was reverted in 15w44b to shoot as blaze fireballs once again.
Pick block
  • Respects the tags of items in item frames while holding Ctrl.
Skeletons, creepers, & zombies
  • Detection range for players wearing the corresponding mob head adjusted to be 37.5% of the normal range.
  • Can no longer be used for blocking, since shields now serve that function.

Fixes[editar | editar código]

22 errores solucionados
Desde las versiones publicadas antes de la 1.9
  • MC-10447 – Pick up framed enchanted items with "Pick Block (MOUSE 3)" don't give you the enchanted item
  • MC-68399 – Pressing the '<' key takes screenshot on certain keyboard layouts
  • MC-73474 – Rail duplication Glitch
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-48732Ctrl plus pickblock overwrites selected item
Desde las versiones de desarrollo de la 1.9
  • MC-82855 – Invisible Shulker shows white box until relog
  • MC-82875 – Right-clicking with sword still blocks
  • MC-82986 – Stackable items of same id and meta value but different NBT tags will stack in creative menu
  • MC-83350 – Entities teleporting through a portal disappear instead of teleporting.
  • MC-83945 – Item counts can go negative when interacting with entities, allowing duplication
  • MC-84320 – Respawned Ender Dragon doesn't drop experience
  • MC-84681 – If in block when you log out, you spawn 1 block lower
  • MC-85500 – Syntax for '/scoreboard players' doesn't include 'tag' parameter
  • MC-85801 – Ender Dragon dieing randomly at portal
  • MC-85834 – Pick-Block on mobs gives you a blank spawn egg
  • MC-85865 – Can't put splash potions in brewing stands
  • MC-86007 – Both the Bottle and Dragon's Breath are Consumed when making Lingering Potions
Desde versiones de desarrollo previas
  • MC-85925 – Problems while loading NBT [AreaEffectCloud]
  • MC-85973 – Modifying the 'Age' tag of an 'AreaEffectCloud' entity will result in the 'Effects' tag being duplicated
  • MC-85999 – NBT Tag "Peek" is broken
  • MC-86066 – Mob spawner spawns skeletons without bow
  • MC-86082 – Cannot summon an entity with a custom UUID
  • MC-86085 – Potions and Spawn Eggs still show data values in tooltips.

References[editar | editar código]