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Fecha de

7 de marzo de 2014

Snapshot para




Otras ediciones de 14w10c
Disambig color.svg Este artículo trata sobre la edición para PC. Para otras ediciones, véase Historial de versiones (desambiguación).

La 14w10c se publicó para solucionar algunos errores y cuelgues en las snapshots 14w10a y 14w10b.

Cambios[editar | editar código]

  • Barrotes
    • Now render their top/bottom texture even when connected to other iron bars from above or below

Soluciones[editar | editar código]

Se han solucionado 34 errores

Desde las versiones publicadas antes de la 1.8

  • MC-1305: hit-box de la barrera de hierro arreglada
  • MC-2487: lighting cocoa | glowing when hit
  • MC-3084: Models improperly shaded at certain angles
  • MC-3151: New Mob AI doesn't take world limit/Void into account for pathing
  • MC-7001: Items in Item frame get dark when rotated (fast graphics)
  • MC-8509: Iron bars texture gap
  • MC-25378: Back of ladder missing - stronghold generation
  • MC-33030: Mobs (Endermen) don't flash red when hit in the end
  • MC-43012: glass pane z-fighting with itself
  • MC-50916: Zombie pigmen villagers are missing their inner head when spawned with {IsVillager:1}

Desde las snapshots de la 1.8

  • MC-45327: Grass blocks don't mipmap
  • MC-45346: Cake's Hitbox is Off
  • MC-45869: Summon Command Leash Knot crash
  • MC-46432: Fences connects to Barrier block
  • MC-47650: Block drops appear in wrong location or behind walls
  • MC-48284: Dropped items also have red lines
  • MC-48400: Slimeblocks dark texture
  • MC-50219: "Slightly Damaged Anvil" Faces the wrong way in Inventory
  • MC-50221: Exception on server start "Name and ID cannot both be blank" when started with online-mode=false
  • MC-50235: End Portal Frame Texture Bug

Desde snapshots anteriores

  • MC-50276: Planted Nether Wart appears as purple and black checkerbox
  • MC-50280: Missing cauldron inner side
  • MC-50288: Player data cleared after switching to 14w10b
  • MC-50296: Cobblestone wall not stacking correctly / Missing Post / Floating Torch
  • MC-50309: Pressure Plates use the "pressed down" graphic for their inventory icon
  • MC-50335: Fences partialy lose texture when connected to stonebrick
  • MC-50351: Double Sandstone Slab texture broken
  • MC-50370: Model Warning Console Spam When Switching Resource Packs
  • MC-50373: Cactus Rendered Too Bright
  • MC-50396: Can't model top and bottom half of doors separately
  • MC-50432: Tile Entities in a CLONE … REPLACE FORCE region are replaced by barrier blocks on the second clone operation
  • MC-50448: Rails are floating above the ground
  • MC-50453: Server crashing
  • MC-50460: Cobblestone wall connecting with Barrier blocks

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