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December 20, 2012

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Disambig color.svg Este artículo trata sobre la edición para ordenador. Para otras ediciones, véase Historial de versiones (desambiguación).

1.4.6 introduced fireworks, enchanted books and the Thorns enchantment. It also added a warning for users playing on soon unsupported systems (PowerPC and Java 5).

Additions[editar | editar código]

Gameplay[editar | editar código]

Thorns enchantment
  • Armor enchantment
  • Deals damage depending on tier to attackers
  • Wears armor out more quickly.

Blocks & Items[editar | editar código]

Nether Brick Slabs
  • Crafted much like other slabs, using Netherbrick
Enchanted books
  • Enchant books to receive a single enchant on them
  • Can be applied to items using anvils, consuming the book - Enchants can be applied to any item in Creative
  • Sold by villagers and found in dungeon and village chests
  • Can now be found in loot chests and by trading with villagers
  • Unbreaking can be applied to anything with durability
  • Efficiency and Silk Touch can be applied to shears, allowing the harvesting of cobwebs
  • Sharpness, Smite and Bane of Arthropods can be applied to axes
Firework Star
Firework Rocket
  • Non-destructive, rise up in the air and create colorful patterns when shot by dispensers or placed by players
  • Combine paper with gunpowder to get a Firework Rocket
  • Also add a Firework Star to add effects or gunpowder to increase the flight duration

Changes[editar | editar código]

General[editar | editar código]

  • Added a default resolution setting - options.txt: overrideWidth:0 & overrideHeight:0

Gameplay[editar | editar código]

  • You can drag and drop items - Press long to halve the stack before dragging
  • Fire Protection now extinguishes fire more quickly
  • Blast Protection now reduces explosion recoil
  • Protection isn't as protective as it used to be in order to make specific enchantments more worthwhile
Minor improvements
  • Renderizado en 3D items dropeados.[1]
  • Items now show their name when switching in the hotbar
    • Can be disabled by changing heldItemTooltips to false in options.txt
  • Right-clicking while sneaking now uses the held item instead of the selected block
  • Dropping items while holding ctrl now drops the whole stack
  • Death messages now appear in server log files

World Generation[editar | editar código]

Dungeons & Villages
  • Now have a random chance to have enchanted books in their chests.

Blocks & Items[editar | editar código]

Monster Spawners
  • Can now spawn differently configured mobs with different spawn chances
  • A sound indicates when you hit a player with an arrow
  • Arrows now render from farther away

Mobs[editar | editar código]

  • El radio de explosión de una bola de fuego de un Ghast es ahora personalizable.[3]
Skeletons, Zombies & Zombie Pigmen
  • The armor and enchants they spawn with now are even harder on harder difficulties

Fixes[editar | editar código]

65 bugs fixed

  • MC-96 – [1-9] clicking an item out of a furnace does not give XP
  • MC-133 – Mobs walking slow when you hit them
  • MC-255 – Graphical Issue with trading
  • MC-256 – Mobs can still revert farmlands to dirt even if mobGriefing gamerule is set on false
  • MC-312 – Item textures of Spawn Eggs and Firework Stars not aligned properly when stacked
  • MC-429 – when a bat fly throw the water its get stuck and it will stay stuck
  • MC-498 – Setting an Enderman on fire with flint and steel, or lava, will not make it teleport away
  • MC-674 – Items different only in damage cannot be swapped
  • MC-679 – Water splash sound gets overridden by other sounds
  • MC-721 – Animals on fire do not flee
  • MC-756 – Player not shown in actual location after breaking boat
  • MC-833 – Lost Inventory Items
  • MC-971 – Mis-identified server version
  • MC-1005 – Fresh install of 1.4.2 on fresh install of OSX 10.6.8 hangs
  • MC-1140 – Boats always get placed in the ame direction and not based on how they get placed
  • MC-1240Endermen cannot dodge flame arrow. When the arrow is shot the Enderman moves out of the way but is still set on fire
  • MC-1311 – When you enter the Nether, the game auto-selects the first item on the toolbar
  • MC-1347 – Items do not "update looks" when stacked on ground
  • MC-1348 – Dropped items only auto-stack when moving, not when going through portals
  • MC-1599 – File Handle leak in RegionFileCache (MCP)
  • MC-1626 – Z-Fighting in Beacon Block bottom.
  • MC-1734 – Duplicating Sand/Gravel/Dragon Egg still works with tweaks to an existing design
  • MC-1847Leaves have the Incorrect Tool Tip
  • MC-1883 – Destroying a Jukebox NPE&Kick
  • MC-1957 – Minecraft graphics messed up
  • MC-1959 – Placing double slabs ignore damage values
  • MC-1969 – minecarts cant travel through nether portals
  • MC-2145 – "Drowning" in creative
  • MC-2442 – Redstone Directional Bug
  • MC-2504 – Enchant cannot enchant with ID 0 (Protection)
  • MC-2568 – Ghost block bug
  • MC-2610 – Game Freezes At The Start Of A Previously Saved Game
  • MC-2622 – Cannot modify the Render Distance setting - Stays at "Far" regardless of changes.
  • MC-2673 – Shfit-Clicking smelted ores out of furnace cause minor visual bug
  • MC-2712 – I cannot look around while walking or running unless I jump first. It happens on whatever gamemode I play.
  • MC-2747 – Minecraft client crashs when connection times out
  • MC-2873 – Minecarts disappearing
  • MC-2879 – Error 50% of the time I try to join my server. Failed to login: Error
  • MC-2904 – Zombie Pig Knockback Stunlocks Iron Golem's Defeating their intended purpose
  • MC-3122 – Cannot Change Texture Packs!
  • MC-3255 – blaze fire ball crash
  • MC-3280 – Some textures appear as dark terrain.png images
  • MC-3332 – You don't hear the xp sound you get every 5 levels
  • MC-3346 – Minecraft crashing every time I get on for a little while
  • MC-3490Minecarts and falling entities flickering / jittering (updated 1.4.5)
  • MC-3501 – Passsive mob spawn eggs don't consume
  • MC-3565Endermen don't open their mouth when attacked by other mobs
  • MC-3584 – Freezes in Nether since 1.4.4
  • MC-3593 – Lightning doesn't flash
  • MC-3632 – Game only loads the chunk I'm currently standing on when I log in. Then freezes and crashes. I have attached the bug report.
  • MC-3860 – Client Crashes when underground near piston and redstone machine
  • MC-3899 – Skeletons will come close to attacker
  • MC-3934 – Particle overload when returning from AFK
  • MC-3988 – Slime Audio BUg
  • MC-4024 – Chest glitch - Server/Client desync
  • MC-4069 – Pressing F3+B displays hitboxes.. rendering invisibility potions useless
  • MC-4117 – wither can sometimes destroy its own star due to the posthumous detonation of wither skulls.
  • MC-4432 – Mine Cart Off track and into Walls
  • MC-4499 – Beacon tiers don't work at y=0
  • MC-4510 – Enchantment Not Showing in Item Frame
  • MC-4528 – Flaming Arrows Take a Bit to "Flame"
  • MC-4634 – Can't remove xp bars from the "xp-1L" command when you're between level 0 and 1
  • MC-4784 – Skeletons not retaliating to Iron Golems/Wolves
  • MC-4792 – minecraft crashed, exception world
  • MC-4829 – Game client gets stuck on 'building terrain' screen

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